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Logging into your web site

Logging into web sites to access more information can sometimes be frustrating due to forgotten login details. Here are some tips on how to login to your Insight website without these frustrations.

Personalise your login name and password

You can personalise your web site 'login name' and 'password' to make them easy to remember by going to 'My Area' and then 'My Profile' to update your login name and password or entering the URL 'your-domain-name/MyArea/ProfilePersonal.aspx'. Your login name will need to be unique across our system (not just on your web site) and the password will need to meet the site's password policy (the default password policy requires a a password to be more than 7 characters containing both numbers and letters) but your site administrator may have changed this to be more or less strict.

Tip: Using your email address for your login name is an easy way to remember it.

Logging in automatically

Did you know that selecting the "log me in automatically next time" option, as shown below, will automatically log you into your web site when you visit it in future. This won't log you into the web office, but will keep you logged in on the front of the site, there is a second layer of security that is needed and you can't enable an automatic login to the web office.
login screen


You will be required to re-enter your password if:

1) You have previously explicitly logged out of your ChurchInsight account on the device/browser combination you are using.

2) You use another device (desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile etc.), or another browser (Chrome/Edge/Safari/FireFox etc.) on the same device, other than the one you used to remember your login on.

3) You use the same device and browser, but there is a gap of over 30 days between attempted logins.

4) You clear the cookies for the browser/device combination that you used to remember your login on.

5) You use any kind of incognito or private browsing facility.

6) You try and get into the Web-Office (always true).

If any of 1-4 are true, you will have to select the 'Keep me logged in on this device' setting again the next time you login, if you wish to be remembered the next time on the device/browser combination you are using.

Login to the Web Office faster

Did you know you can also enter "/admin" after your domain name i.e. http://domainame/admin/ to enter the Web Office directly. You’ll still need to login, for security reasons, but it'll save you an extra click.