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Release Notes

We are constantly making updates to Insight. We add new features, fix bugs and make user-interface improvements in each release. You can read more about each release in the article below.
An early Christmas present from the ChurchInsight team. Calendar and Media improvements.
More improvements to help you manage your data, and automatic Gift Aid reclaims
Features for managing children and their guardians, querying and deleting form responses with smaller tweaks and fixes.
RECAPTCHA, Free text notes on user records, Uploads are included in Quick Find
Secure sites, Simplified payment group settings, Tightening permissions in the user browser
Location of organisations can now be manually plotted on a directory map, Resources setup and clear-up time, Some extra fields in Query
Child Check-In launch, Organising your Custom Fields
Details of a special upgrade for those using Payment Groups in preparation for the forthcoming new Check-in feature
Many small interface changes and small updates to improve usability
Point a different website address to a subgroup, Note fields for calendar events e.g. store attendance numbers
New Web Office interface, Phone/Tablet usability, SSL Encryption for Web Office and user side logins Hundreds of small bugs fixed!